This is SteamWork Film


Based in the secretively creative* Midlands, SteamWork Film is a constantly evolving collaboration between a number of award winning filmmakers. Although our work so far has stayed firmly in the 'dark' side of story telling, the current backlog of scripts also includes a love story (a twisted one) and a couple with a sense of humour (dark humour). Can you see there's a vague theme here?

We're always on the lookout for new folk to work with so, if you like what we're doing and fancy getting in touch, send us an email from here. If you don't, we'd still like to hear from you with any feedback you may have; for the films, the site or just a really good recipe you think we should try!

Currently producing narrative shorts, SteamWork Film's future slate includes the 'Freedom' documentary (taking forever to finalise) and we're working on three narrative feature scripts. 


Writer / Andrew Griffin



*The Midlands. That bit between The North and The South. It's a creative powerhouse. We don't shout about it, we just get on with it.

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