The Flock Comic Is Almost Done!

The Flock has been in development for quite some time. The story has been rattling around in various heads for about two years, the script has been through several revisions and the locations are in flux. However, the comic has kept on going. Nick O'Gorman, a Canadian guy with awesome skills with the pencils, has doggedly slogged his way through from Page 1 roughs to the full colour cover (a section of which you see here), in order to create a crowdfunding campaign perk, the like of which is rarely seen. We'll have both digital and printed versions of the comic as perks, and we may continue the story in future issues on the way to producing the feature length film.

This image depicts the two heroes of the film, Vera and Isabel, who are the backbone to the full story. The term "Take no shit" was coined for these two.