Time and Consequence

Well, as you can probably tell, we're a long way away from where we thought we'd be by now. 'The Flock' has proved difficult to manage, with day jobs, creative differences and communication issues all lending a hand to derail the project. It's been some time since we started pulling the various strands together and, while we creating an exquisite braid at one end, the other unravelled continuously. The longer these things are left unresolved, the bigger the effort required to start again. But, start again we have.

Don't put your nuts on The Flock.

Don't put your nuts on The Flock.

We lost some people along the way, so now we're looking for some help. The role of Vera and Isabel need to be filled, with Caitlin focusing more on schoolwork (wise move at her age maybe) and Veejay leaving acting for good. We're sad to see them go but happy that they feel these decisions are the right ones. If you're walking a path you don't choose, the bumps can be obstacles rather than opportunities. Don't hesitate to contact us at andrew@steamworkfilm.com if you're interested in getting involved.

We've also had a delay in the final production of the comic but that seems to be heading in the right direction again. We're looking at a possible 24 pages, full colour cover with B&W story pages. This comic game is more expensive than you might imagine but, as our first effort, we thought it would be best to go with the quality we envisaged the final film to be.

Maybe rather stupidly, we've also added to the slate we have planned. 'Before You Set Out' is a recently finished script (is it ever, no it's not) with the title taken from a quote by Stephen Hawking. From that you may guess that it's sci fi, and you'd be right. But can you pinpoint the quote the title comes from? Answers on a post card...


So here's to the next few months getting 'The Flock' back on track, shooting another shorter short and limiting the effects of time and consequence.