U turns, dead ends and diversions

How things change. Day to day, minute by minute and project by project. 

So, upon further consideration, we've postponed development on "Before You Set Out' due to the not inconsiderable challenge of creating the very technical central prop. Some things just slap you with their cinematic impact when in reality their hidden demands are the things you need to keep an eye on. There's a saying that goes- "With enough time, all things are possible." This, presumably, also means time travel will make it's way onto the iPhone but, currently, time for most folk is linear. (You can argue about this amongst yourselves). But that leaves us with too little time to create the item necessary to make sense of the short film.


As you may have seen in the Current Projects page, we're not without options when it comes to what to shoot, and with this change of focus from 'Before You Set Out', (not sure about that title), to 'Stop:Watch', comes new blood in the form of Producer, Abbi Williams. Abbi has a wealth of experience in both life and art having been actor and producer in previous productions and is also a mother of three! Hats well and truly off.

Abbi Williams- Producer

Abbi Williams- Producer


Abbi's focus and determination are clear to all who meet her. Incisive questions,  clear understanding and firm decisions characterise her working practise. Awesome and great to work with.

'The Flock' is once again taking a back seat while we hone the skills required for that sizeable production. It's still on the slate and we're still developing it but while that happens we still want to create at least one short film a year. All of these projects are self financed, indie film productions, so it's no surprise that things change. And it's often when you're forced on a diversion that the U turns and dead ends suddenly make sense.

We'll post more on 'Stop:Watch' as we progress. Stay tuned!