Short Script 'An Arabican Night' Lands Finalist Award at MoMo

Arabican Night MoMo.jpg

The Mobile Motion Film Festival has been running for about 4 years now, and every year we promise that we'll get a short film made on a mobile phone to enter this pretty unique event. We've also happily helped fund the event through Kickstarter as they were giving away brownies. Chocolate brownies. From Switzerland! And man, were they good.

This year, it was different. We were making another short film and all funds had to be diverted to that (we've funded all our own films so far). But, also different from the festival, was that they added a short script competition. We're always writing here, so it was an opportunity we couldn't miss. If we couldn't get a film ready for the festival this year, we could damn well write a script. So we did.

'An Arabican Night' started life after one of those 'what if' moments. A sign in a local café stated it served the best coffee this side of Italy. Quite a bold claim we thought, until that thought went further- 'what if it was the best coffee in the Universe?'. Now we're talking. That's a bold statement. 

What happens? Well, you'll just have to wait to find out. The script has so far got to the Finalist stage, one of three. The winning script is offered up to the filmmakers of MoMo for one of them to produce, if they so wish.

Fingers are crossed, it's a long wait and we're already on tenterhooks (arguably a hook used for stretching stuff, in this case, our nerves), but the final reveal comes at the festival in June. Wish us luck!