New Developments in The Flock

poster small flock.jpg

The original script for The Flock won a Finalist award in the 2015 Mexico Film Festival, and from that we started on pre-production as outlined in a previous post here. We got quite a way down the road with it, finding a couple of suitable locations (struggling with others!) and building a pretty good cast and crew. Then, things fell apart a bit and, in the hope of not turning it into bête noir, we moved on to another project, Stop:Watch. Stop:Watch is now nearing the end of post production, so we've started looking at another project. 

While all that was happening, we were in discussion with an actor about a long term project, a feature set in Prague. This discussion spread onto other projects and the pitch for The Flock was duly sent over. Knowing the actor's skills had a dramatic effect on the script. Her combat skills, and a recent clip of her knife fight practise, meant we could expand the role of Isabel. This, in turn, cemented the relationship between Vera and Isabel, and also added to the humanity displayed by these characters. The downside? The script is now 18 pages, almost double the original page count!

Recent coverage from Shore Scripts has, however, given us a boost in confidence that we're headed down the right path. With quotes like "The dialogue really jumps off the page"; "The first page is a strong testament of the writer and makes us confident about the script we are about to read"; "If there is one thing this script doesn't lack, it's conflict.", we reckon we have a potential festival contender. No doubt we'll be considering a Kickstarter campaign once we have the main elements in place again and, with luck, the actor that made the script so much better will be along for the journey. In the meantime, here's a clip of us testing out the key location, 3 years ago!