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Set in a dystopian near future, Stop:Watch centres on the incarcerated dissident scientist, Dr. Catherine Jones. Beaten and abused on an almost daily basis, Catherine seems a shell of her former self. But, facing execution for crimes against the state, Catherine's fate rests in the hands of the prison Governor, Lucy. Lucy is not your usual Governor. Playful and psychotic in equal measure, she puts Catherine in a position of having to outwit her own invention. Catherine is in a tight spot other than the tiny cell in which she's been held.




Stop:Watch is a short film, maybe 10 minutes once it's completed, but the number of roles within the story may suggest a bigger film. In total, we have 8 roles but 3 roles carry most of the story, with another personifying the brutality of the prison. 

Dr. Catherine Jones- Abbi Williams

Abbi Williams

Abbi Williams

A former theatre actor, Abbi has been in a number of productions, both on stage and in Production, and brings a lot of that experience and understanding to the role of Catherine. Abbi can also be (un)seen behind the scenes on Stop:Watch as Producer of this film. 


Lucy- Natalie Chisolm

Natalie Chisholm

Natalie Chisholm

Natalie's background is a varied one; formerly a reporter and Producer for the BBC, Natalie has worked across theatre, film and TV. She has also been the voice of a number of video game characters, and is an accomplished voiceover artist. Lucy's character is playfully psychotic so Natalie's experience will certainly help flesh the role out. There's a lot to work with in a character like Lucy. As Governor of the prison holding Catherine, it's up to Lucy how the death sentence is carried out. Realising the potential of Catherine's invention to inflict even greater stress on those on death row, Lucy creates The Game, giving her all the fun of a game of cat and mouse.


Guard 1- Paul Tunnicliffe

Paul Tunnicliffe

Paul Tunnicliffe

Paul is a stalwart of SteamWork Film and is always first choice for any role that requires a studious approach. Guard 1 is a bastard, plain and simple. But a clever bastard at that. Paul's focus is what brings Guard 1's bastard character some much needed humanity. Doesn't stop him being a vicious thug, but at least he knows how to enjoy himself.



If you watch the credits at the end of most films, you'll generally see the crew outnumbers the cast. In Stop:Watch, some of the crew ARE the cast. It's an Indie short, made on a shoestring, what can we say! 


Producer- Abbi Williams

Abbi Williams

Abbi Williams

Here she is again, behind the scenes. Abbi's background is extensive, covering risk management, costume design, business coaching and finance. Abbi is an integral member of SteamWork Film, often doing the stuff that nobody likes. Like spreadsheets! However, it's Abbi's organisational skills, combined with a clear understanding of what needs to be done (and by when!) that really come to the fore when we're under pressure.


Director of Photography- Alex Powell

Alex is a graduate of the University of Northampton with a degree in Media Production and awarded a National Diploma in Film-making. A Devon native, Alex has stayed in Northampton to build his reputation as a filmmaker. In 2014 he created the mocumentary 'The Local Clown', which became a viral sensation, and the legend of the Northampton Clown was born. Post university he went on to film 'Beneath the Wormwood Trees' which won a couple of festival awards, and has been working with SteamWork on 'The Flock' and 'Stop:Watch' since inception. He has a keen eye for detail and we're very lucky to have him on board.


Sound Recordist- Connor Ashmore

Connor studied music technology at Leeds Uni and has since been in demand in a wide variety of audio roles. Knowing a good deal about sound and having on set experience, will stand him in good stead when we shoot the main dialogue in Stop:Watch. It's set in a heavily tiled room with boom and echo like you wouldn't believe! Welcome aboard Connor.