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The Story

The Flock is set in a post apocalyptic Britain some eight years after the event now known as The Fall. Mankind has all but been wiped out, and those that remain are still at risk. Wild animals, either escaped from wildlife parks or domestic pets turned feral, wander the countryside at will. Those that created safe havens, called Townships, are at daily risk of attack by gangs of bandits, who roam from district to district in search of easy prey.

It's against this backdrop that we find Abel, an ex Army medic, on a scavenging run in a derelict factory. Crossing paths with another traveller, Malcolm, exposes the conflict between two opposing ideologies. 

Hard on Abel's trail is his girlfriend, Isabel, and surrogate daughter, Vera. In tracking Abel down, they discover what could be the second apocalypse.

The Cast

We're starting again with The Flock! It's been some time since we moved forward, due to 'stuff' getting in the way, another short film (Stop:Watch) being shot, and a rewrite or two for the script. So, back to Square 1, apart from the role of Isabel which has been cast already.


The role of Malcolm has yet to be cast, but Malcolm is not an easy character play. Beset by his own demons and driven insane by his experiences during The Fall, Malcolm is a complex psychopath with a distinctly personal view of the new world. Seeing himself a saviour to the survivors of the apocalypse, Malcolm will stop at nothing to secure his vision of the future.

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Isabel was always going to be a determined and powerful character. Her backstory is a well structured career path that encompasses some extreme circumstances. Completely by chance, the script was sent to Francesca Louise White as an example of scripts with a strong female lead. She loved it, and brought renewed enthusiasm (and inspired the re-write!) such that it's really all we'll focus on for the next year or so. Francesca is an award winning actor, bringing experience and gravitas to the role, and much professionalism to the production.



Vera has been cast! She's a quiet, focused girl of about 14, who was rescued by Abel early on in the apocalypse. She was 6 years old. In the intervening years, Abel has passed on as much survival knowledge as he can and she's a handy ally in a fight, especially with a slingshot or machete. But, over those years, she has seen many friends killed, so as far as she's concerned, emotions are for those about to die. Poor kid. We’re lucky to be working with Tiana Rogers in this role. Tiana has worked on a few projects before, one of which, Slasher House II, saw her deal with potentially more blood than we expect to pour in The Flock!




Abel has been cast! This backstory is extensive. Abel was among the first UK troops to be deployed in the early stages of The Fall. Sent to help the doomed battle in Africa and then southern Europe, Abel has experienced the apocalypse almost from start to, well The End. As an army medic, he dealt with the death and destruction brought on by The Fall, but his survival instinct has led him all the way home through Spain and France, and the closed borders of Britain, to the wasteland of Northern England that serves as the backdrop to the film. Abel is a survivor and has seen much devastation in his travels, so it’s no surprise we wanted a capable guy, handy with a weapon or two but whose experiences haunt him. Step forward Ben Manning!

Photo By Rocco Redondo

Photo By Rocco Redondo

The Crew

It's taking some time to pull the project together and some roles we haven't yet managed to fill, but here are the pillars of The Flock's crew.

Producer- Francesca L White

Yes, although Francesca is in the lead role as Isabel, for which her previous roles in films such as ‘Dead Meet’ and ‘A Welcoming Place’ will stand her in good stead, her experience in film in general has helped develop The Flock project and has pitched her into the additional role of Producer.

Director- After some discussion with the BFI, we’ve decided to look further afield for our Director. In the interests of diversity and inclusion, we’re hoping to attract top female directing talent. More news as we progress!


Make UP and SFX- Mike Peel.

Rogue Creations Director, Mike Peel, has worked on a variety of blockbusters and features over the years for some of the top effects companies in the UK, as a freelancer he employed his skills on "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "Casino Royale" , "V for Vendetta", "The Descent" and "Evil Aliens" and has generously agreed to bring his vast knowledge and experience to The Flock. With over 15 years experience working in the fx industry, Mike and his team will be creating some pretty cool but hideous zombies for the film. We're humbled and thankful such a nice guy is joining us on this project.


Director of Photography- Alex Powell

Alex has been making films since he was a nipper and made good on early promise with a degree in Film and Media Production back in 2013. Since then, he's made a number of award winning short films and music videos which can be found on his Vimeo channel here. Alex has a great sense of story and can help move the narrative along with a keen eye for detail and an ability to capture the Director's vision. As a key member of the team, we'll be relying on Alex to bring the startling visuals to life. No pressure then!

Production Design- Amanda Fullwood.

With an MA in Design for film, TV and events, Amanda was at the top of our list when looking for a like minded Production Designer. Not being afraid of zombies (Amanda is attending Walker Stalker 2016), is an added bonus as far as we're concerned.

Her skills and experience are based in set design/dressing/painting; costume, concept art and illustration. Using Photoshop, Sketch Up, digital painting software alongside traditional drawing and model making skills, Amanda creates the worlds our characters inhabit, before we wander on set to bimble about wondering what to do!


Costume- James Hair

James is a zombie fan. A movie fan. A costume fan. Which all helps when your job is connected to these things. James is part of Cogprops, providers of costume and props for film, TV, theatre and events. Designer of the infamous Cogprops Utility Belt and first test zombie for The Flock, James' abilities seem endless. We're very happy to have him on board.